Ecommerce Partnerships

The Power of Strategic Ecommerce Partnerships

Living in a digital age, we're able to collaborate on an international scale.

With only four degrees of separation globally, industries are three degrees apart, and niche interests only two. Meaning you’re only two connections away from your dream strategic ecommerce partner.

Ecommerce partnerships provide endless opportunities, a steady stream of referrals, various marketing opportunities, and help grow your company. Leveraging ecommerce partners requires you to be proactive, make strategic choices and choose quality over quantity.

True ecommerce partnerships should be reciprocal by nature, much like setting up a new bank account, you need to put something in before you can take anything out. Here is some top criteria when targeting prospective partners:

Time is your most valuable asset, so be strategic and identify ecommerce partnerships that align with your value proposition.

Understanding your own ecommerce partnership goals makes evaluating prospective partners more focused and effective.I can help implement processes designed to simplify evaluating new partners.


Within the first 3-6 months of a new partnership, having a co-marketing strategy scheduled is highly recommended. Co-marketing is an effective way of growing your business by boosting brand awareness with a new audience.

Co-marketing provides lots of benefits for both partners as it provides value for your customers, is cost-effective, helps build relationships and boosts lead generation. Content is the backbone of any effective co-marketing strategy and requires collaboration from all partners involved.

The goal should be to create valuable content that is engaging and relevant to your target audience, which is then shared and promoted to your respective audiences. If strategic partnerships are not part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge growth opportunity.

If you’re just getting started, or need some advice on getting the most out of your current partnership co-marketing, book a free consultation for some expert advice.