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Helping agencies and SaaS companies scale strategic ecommerce partnerships.

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Leveraging Ecommerce partnerships to boost lead generation

Strategic partnerships are incredibly effective at increasing exposure to prospective clients and partners, boosting the perceived value of your offering and improving brand awareness. Partnerships are relationships between people, not companies, and a successful ecommerce partnership is highly dependent on your ability to build and nurture key relationships.

Using more than a decade of marketing expertise, I help ecommerce agencies and SaaS companies evaluate and scale their ecommerce partnerships and strategic content to generate qualified referrals. I support agencies and SaaS companies through the process of building and scaling profitable strategic partnerships:

- Defining your ideal strategic partner profile

- Auditing current partnerships marketing process

- Tactics to attract and sign ideal strategic partners

- Best practice guidance on co-marketing strategies

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb
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Creating actionable insights on four key growth opportunities for every ecommerce agency: messaging, sales, delivery and retention.

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Providing recommendations on what agencies need from SaaS partners, and processes to kick start new ecommerce partnerships. 

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Evaluating your most profitable target audience to clarify your offering and tailor your messaging to meet the needs of your customers.


The Power of strategic ecommerce partnerships

Responsible for partnerships as COO of a full-service ecommerce agency and various SaaS companies, I've seen partnerships from both sides. I've learnt the key to creating long-lasting ecommerce partnerships is understanding you need to make a deposit before you make a withdrawal.

I often get asked the same questions from agencies and SaaS partners: What do I do once I have a new partner? How do strategic partnerships boost lead generation? How do I target new industries/territories with strategic partnerships? How do I remain front of mind with a new partner? How do I get my partnership program started? How do I decide who I should partner with? How do I show value to our partners?

In most cases the answer is simple - you need a comprehensive partnership process in place. Finding the time to research, implement and iterate these processes is often a luxury that businesses can’t afford. That's where I come in. Rather than spending weeks or months trying to figure out a process that works for your business, I can recommend tried and tested strategies designed to make ecommerce partnerships a key part of your growth plan.

If you’re serious about using ecommerce partnerships to boost qualified referrals and need some help figuring out what to do next, book a free consultation.

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