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Automated Lead
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It’s so easy to get caught up chasing new projects, until leads start to dry up and you’re hit with the realisation that someone should have been focused on your most important client – you! Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering what other agencies are charging, or how you lost a deal when you put so much effort into the proposal. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself if other agencies are experiencing the same issues or if you’re the only one struggling to get leads?

One of the biggest challenges that almost every agency has struggled with is lead generation.

Using a four-step system, I work with agencies to understand where their biggest growth opportunities are and how to capitalise on them using a combination of marketing tactics.

Here are some of the key areas I can help:

My Four Step Process

When you’re so busy fulfilling projects, where do you find the time to sit down and objectively review your website and processes? Using a four-step system, I focus on the following key areas: messaging, sales, delivery and retention.

1 - Messaging

The main issue I see when reviewing website messaging is no clarity on who you’re trying to target. This step is crucial as it helps define exactly who your ideal target audience is. By auditing your website, content and marketing collateral, I create actionable insights and recommendations on where your messaging needs to be improved.

2 - Sales

The next step is to audit and make recommendations on your sales process: where do your leads come from, what process do you follow, what can be automated and what does your proposal process look like. This will help define a more automated sales process, making it easier to qualify leads and reduce the amount of time it takes to get proposals out.

Ecommerce partnerships should be one of the main sources of referrals for every agency and prioritised as a key part of your marketing efforts. I’ll evaluate your current sales process, proposal structure, scoping outline and sales collateral, and make recommendations on how to optimise each process.

3 - Delivery

The third step is to audit the delivery process, as this will determine whether or not you are able to retain your customer once the project is completed. By having a set of systems in place you can ensure that client expectations are managed and you avoid the dreaded scope creep.
Making sure the project is delivered on time, under budget and according to the agreed deliverables will open the door to the final step. I’ll recommend best practice processes to ensure profitability is top priority when delivering any project.

4 - Retention

Subscriptions are taking the ecommerce world by storm, and introducing a solid managed service offering is ideal for agencies that want monthly recurring revenue. Having a managed service offering will help you close new projects, and allows you to keep the initial project cost lower, implementing any ‘nice-to-have’ tasks as part of a monthly retainer.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to managed services, but ecommerce brands usually need help interpreting and optimising conversions. I’ll help evaluate the needs of your current clients, and make recommendations on various managed service offerings that you can start trailing immediately.

Tech Partners

A solid understanding of key tech solutions is particularly crucial for agencies who want to introduce managed services. Research shows that by 2020, more than 50% of brands will have integrated up to 15 solutions to optimise customers’ experience. Agencies that want to stay ahead of that trend need to put the work in now.

Providing clients with a list of strategic tech partners means you are offering a complete solution. The goal is not to be an expert in everything, but to partner with people who are. Creating an internal tech stack for each category will provide both the sales team and project managers with valuable information that could be the difference between winning and losing a project. I can provide a list of recommended solutions for each key category, and make introductions if required.