Strategic Content for Ecommerce Agencies and SaaS Companies

Content is essential to organic lead generation, as well as being a crucial part of ecommerce partnerships. Content should tell a story, engage, educate and persuade the reader. However, due to it's time-consuming nature, creating content often falls to the bottom of the pile. 

Working with many ecommerce brands, I also understand what they are looking for when it comes to finding the right agency or SaaS solution. To ensure you're giving your agency or SaaS company the greatest advantage, I help you leverage your most powerful marketing asset - content.

My goal is to ensure your content acts as an evergreen (and free!) sales team:

  • Audit and evaluate current content marketing strategy
  • Audit and evaluate email marketing campaigns
  • Audit and evaluate website messaging
  • Audit and evaluate marketing collateral
  • Audit and evaluate internal process documentation
  • Define content marketing strategy for the ideal target audience
  • Rewrite content designed to clarify your messaging and offerings
  • Implement co-marketing strategies for ecommerce partners


ecommerce partnership expert consultant


Data-Driven Content 

Content comes in lots of different forms and is one of the most important parts of any business. It needs to engage the reader and answer any questions they might have. SEO doesn't just rely on keywords and links, but also factors in engagement, relevance and construction.

These are crucial factors in ensuring your content drives organic traffic and ranks well in search results, as well as converting into sales. Data will outline which content is converting best, helping you understand your most profitable target audience. Understanding what isn’t working helps formulate a strategy so you avoid making the same mistakes again.  

Strategically written content should clearly communicate your offering, and it should be obvious who you are trying to target. I'll carry out a comprehensive audit on your content to highlight growth opportunities and make recommendations on how to optimise your messaging to boost conversions. 


ecommerce partnership expert consultant


Content Objectives 

The more you understand your ideal customer, the more specific your content will be, giving you a much better chance of creating unique and engaging content. Once you’ve clarified who you want to target, the next step is to define your objectives.

Any business who wants to take their content seriously needs at least one person dedicated to the process. Producing content is something every business can do, but producing intentional content requires iteration, measurement and management.

Creating content doesn't come naturally to everyone, and with over a decade of content marketing behind me, I’ve seen the good, bad and downright disastrous. If you need some advice on where to start, book a free consultation and I'll be happy to help. 


ecommerce partnership expert consultant