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Why the “Plug & Play Retainer”
is a Game-Changer for Ecommerce Agencies

For most ecommerce agencies, MRR is the key to surviving the quieter seasons in our industry. For those that don’t have marketing in-house, it’s sometimes difficult to get started with a retainer offering.

Sound like you? If so, here’s a retainer stack that works for all ecommerce agencies:

– Best in Class Tech Stack: Leverage your closest tech partners to build a scalable retainer offering

– Data-Driven Decisions: Make recommendations based on actual data instead of guesswork

– Adapt to Buyer Behaviour: Adapt according to what buyers actually needs by understanding buyer behaviour better

Grab your ‘Plug & Play’ retainer model today to start growing your MRR and boost agency profitability 🚀

The Plug & Play Retainer for Ecommerce Agencies EBook

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